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Shortcomings in the system were exposed in December by the failure to deport Tunisian Islamic State supporter Amri, who was on a watch list and had been denied asylum six months before he killed 12 people by driving a truck through the market. In an interview in Bild, Chahed said cooperation with Germany on asylum seekers was functioning well. "The biggest problem for Europe is refugees who go from Libya to Italy," he said, adding that German authorities needed to provide the correct paperwork to be able to send back failed asylum seekers to Tunisia. It was largely a delay in getting the right documents, discover this info here including identity papers, that prevented Amri from being repatriated. He was shot dead by Italian police in Milan on Dec. 23. "Illegal immigrants who use false papers sometimes make things difficult and prolong the process," he said. Asked about the possibility of Tunisia building refugee centers with European help, Chahed said: "Tunisia is a very young democracy, I don't think that it can function or that we have capacity to create refugee camps," he said, adding that the main focus should be finding a solution with Libya. Merkel has been weakened by her open-door migrant policy which allowed more than a million refugees into Germany in the last two years.

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